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The goal of the Tbilisi State University Research Portal (TSURP) is to concentrate information about scientific-research activities of TSU in one electronic environment, to provide better interconnection between scientists as well as promotion and popularization of science, to raise the motivation and scientific interest in the young generation.

TSURP concentrates information on TSU R&D and offers an environment for operative information exchange. Research Portal gives an overview on various aspects of TSU R&D. The Research Portal is also a channel for latest research news and where upcoming events have been gathered.

TSU staff can use the TSU Research Information System as a place, where they can read R&D news, create their own profiles, upload Curriculum Vitae, make research field and interest public, upload publications, books and introduce their research results more widely.

The TSURP is for:
• Researchers – for obtaining up-to-date information on R&D activities in TSU; about colleagues, their research topics, results etc.
• Potential partners from abroad, other R&D institutions, business and non-governmental sector etc., who are searching for cooperation possibilities with TSU R&D institutions or    individual researchers;
• General public - to receive information on research activities in TSU, e.g. conferences/seminars, events, scientists, research foundations, research projects.
TSURP will allow performing different searches to find projects, scientists, articles etc. as well as presenting the statistical analysis on the basis of the receiving output.
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