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Science Popularization
Science Popularization
Tbilisi State University aims to be the worthy subject of European educational area.

Achieving this goal requires some problem solution. Among them most important is integration of research and educational processes. In one hand educational activity is based on strong scientific basis and in another hand only well structured educational system can ensure the transfer of knowledge required for research and skills, in general for uninterrupted science development process.

The Junior University project is carried out on the basis of TSU with the following goals:
• developing of research and educational skills for schoolchildren;
• perception of educational and research activity as an integrated process;
• introducing university capacity for high schoolchildren to help make a deliberated choice for future professional activity;
• promotion specifics of basic science and modern technology, introduction of their main points and abilities, helping in process of realization of their values;
• introducing Georgian science schools and national educational potential;
• popularization of scientific-research activity; fostering respect to science and awaking interest in scientific career;
• introduction history and achievements of TSU, promotion of TSU activity, raising of TSU prestige.


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