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Software package MAS-solver based on Method of Auxiliary Sources is developed by group of TSU Laboratory of Applied Electrodynamics and Radio Techniques. MAS-solver is a user-friendly interface graphic platform for Computational Electromagnetics and Computational Optics on personal computers under Windows 7/Vista/XP.
MAS-solver demo version

The Multiple Multipole Programs (MMP)
The Multiple Multipole Program (MMP) has first been proposed in 1980 by Christian Hafner (TSU LAE group has a close cooperation with Prof. Christian Hafner and his group based on two SCOPES JRPs, two INTAS and one SCOPE IP projects). It is a semi-analytic method for numerical field computations that has been applied to electromagnetic fields and to acoustics. Essentially, the field is expanded by a series of basis fields. Each of the basis field is an analytic solution of the field equations within a homogeneous domain. The amplitudes of the basis fields are computed by a Generalized Point Matching Technique that is efficient, accurate, and robust. Meanwhile, MMP 'knows' many different sets of basis fields (implemented by Ch. Hafner, G. Klaus, L. Bomholt, P. Leuchtmann, M. Gnos, I. Zheng, J. Froehlich, L. Novotny, and other MMP users), but multipole fields are still considered to be most useful. Due to its close relations to analytic solutions, MMP is very useful and efficient when accurate and reliable solutions are desired.
For more details about The Multiple Multipole Program (MMP) please visit: http://alphard.ethz.ch/Hafner/mmp/mmp.htm
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