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Project Name : Georgian-Caucasian Folklore Relations: 19th-20th Century Sources and Modern Narratives
Donor Organization : Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation
Budget: 1 5 0 0 0 0
Grant number : F R / 5 3 2 / 2 - 1 5 4 / 1 3
Direction : 2 Social Sciences and Humanities, Economic Sciences
Subdirection : 2-154 Folklore
Key word : Folklore, Caucasus
Description : Study of the Georgian-North Caucasian folklore relations will reveal the nature of communication culture of the Caucasian people, intensity of contacts, historically established traditions and values. This region, outstanding for ethnic and religious diversity, was the area of migrations of peoples of various origin. Their relations with the indigenous residents had various forms. Intensive contacts were replaced by isolation and reclusion, separation of the lowland and highland regions and their development in different directions. This was reflected on contacts and folkloric works of these peoples. Next to peoples of one clearly identified genesis we can see a borrowing and a typological resemblance predetermined by historic neighborhood. These issues have not been raised by folklorists and accordingly, have not been studied. The field work and folklore creations of modern Caucasians promise an interesting picture especially in those regions of Georgia which are densely populated by representatives of different ethnoses of Caucasus. It will provide important material to find out whether historically unified Caucasus ever existed (from the viewpoint of world vision and cultural viewpoint) and what can be used from historic experience in our present times. Novelty of the project is the complex research of Caucasian material which had not been carried out before. The objective of the project is to familiarize the international scientific community and wide society with folklore relations of Georgian and North Caucasian peoples. Neighborhood of these people, historic-geographic environment and intensive cultural links played a significant role in formation of these relations. The project will throw light on influences made by neighboring people on each other’s creative works and how their historic relations were reflected in folklore. Novelty of the project lies in the fact that no similar research has ever been carried out. Issues of Caucasian studies are well studied from linguistic and historic point of view but strangely enough, the issues of interrelation of oral folklore of Georgians and their closest neighbors have remained beyond attention of folklorists.
Duration : 01/05/2014 - up to date
Leader : No leader
Project manager :
Project participant(s) : Elene Gogiashvili 01/05/2014 - up to date
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