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Project Name : Georgian-North Caucasian Folklore Relations: 19th-20th centures publications and modern naratives
Donor Organization : Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation
Budget: 149 650.00
Grant number : FR/532/2-154/13
Direction Caucasiology
Subdirection Caucasiology
Key word : folklore
Description : Research of the Georgian-Caucasian folkloristic relations will reveal the nature of the communication culture of the Caucasian people, intensity of contacts, historically established tradition and values. Novelty of the project is a comprehensive research of the Caucasian narrative folklore which has not been conducted before. Comparative study of the obtained material will reveal the unified traditional values of Caucasians, similarity and difference of folkloric plots and images (which may also become the basis of various types of research). Based on this material it will become possible to create a bibliography and catalogue of unified Caucasian folkloric plots. The modern narratives will reveal the attitude of the Caucasian residents to traditionalism, their social, political and cultural values. Their consideration may play certain role in the search of solutions to the problems currently existing in the Caucasus.
Duration : 02/10/2014 - up to date
Leader : Ketevan Sikharulidze
Project manager :
Project participant(s) :
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