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Project Name : Georgian idioms and proverbs (with their English, Russian, German, French, Turkish and Arabic equivalents)
Donor Organization : Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation
Budget: 197253
Grant number : AR/15/2-120/14
Direction : 2 Social Sciences and Humanities, Economic Sciences
Subdirection : 2-120 Linguistics
Key word : Idioms and proverbs
Description : The research plans to explore idioms and proverbs coming from several different cultures and languages : Russian, Oriental ( Turkish and Arabic) and Western-European ( English, German and French) and to compare and contrast them to Georgian idioms and proverbs. As as result of this, as was mentioned above, the database of Georgian idioms and proverbs with equivalent English, Russian, German, French, Turkish and Arabic idioms and proverbs will be developed. Naturally, while exploring inter-language and cross-language equivalents, cultural aspects of idioms and proverbs in the languages relevant to our research will be revealed and studied. In addition to this, the theoretical part of the project also envisages re-defintion and specification of certain aspects of certain theoreticl issues connected to idioms and proverbs which still need delimitation and specification ( for instance, that of equivalency, ect ). The theoretical results of the research will be published in the publications and delivered at conferences. At the end of the project, they will be uploaded on the project website. Coming out of the above said, the theoretical goal of our research is to explore the stocks of idioms and proverbs of the Georgian language on the one hand, and those of six languages ( English, Russian, German, French, Turkish and Arabic). This includes establishing full and partial equivalents on interlanguage and crosslanguage planes, buidling up semantic fields and semantic models of idioms and proverbs and, finally, typological and contastive analysis of the data. Thus, based on the results of the above-desicribed theretical study, the database of Georgian idioms and proverbs with their English, Russian, German, French, Turkish and Arabic equivalnets will be developed, This will facililtate exploration of linguistic as well as cultural issues within the languages studied within the scope of the project. Consequently, by the end of the project the electronic database of Georgian idioms and proverbs will be developed in which each Georgian idiom and proverb will have its own semantically equivalent item in all the languages included in the project ( English, German, French, Russian, Turkish and Arabic).
Duration : 21/04/2015 - up to date
Leader : Manana Rusieshvili
Project manager :
Project participant(s) :
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