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Project Name : Preliminary study for the assessment of seismic risk in strategic cities of Georgia
Donor Organization : CNR&shota rustaveli national science foundation
Budget: 6000 e
Grant number : 04/26
Direction : 9 Earth Sciences and Environment
Subdirection : 9-140 Seismology
Key word :
Description : Seismic risk is a crucial issue for South Caucasus, which is the main gateway between Asia and Europe. The political and economic stability of this region is important, both for ensuring its development and prosperity and for guaranteeing the energy supply of Europe. If we take into account the tragic lessons that have been given by periodic earthquake disasters, the seismic risk assessment and reduction should be considered as one of the priorities in this region. In this regard, this project aims to make a preliminary assessment of the seismic risk for city of Gori (Georgia), and perform emergency limit condition analysis in case of earthquake. The final goal of the project is to propose new methods and criteria for defining an overall approach aimed at assessing and mitigating seismic risk in Georgia. The relevant specific objectives of this proposal are the following: 1) improve the regional seismic hazard maps, by implementing state-of-the art probabilistic seismic hazard assessment techniques and outputs of the latest projects; 2) perform the locals seismic hazard assessment of Gori, by means of seismic microzonation techniques; 3) evaluate the seismic vulnerability of selected strategic buildings and infrastructures of the selected city; 5) train young Georgian scientists in earthquake-risk related topics by group meetings, workshops, and training seminars; 6) propose new guidelines for seismic risk assessment and mitigation to be used by national end-users.
Duration : 30/11/2015 - up to date
Leader : Nino Tsereteli
Project manager :
Project participant(s) :
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