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Project Name : Evaluation seismic hazard for Georgia and seismic risk for city-museum Mtskheta (as examples) with modern aproaches
Donor Organization : Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation
Budget: 240000
Grant number : 216758 SRNSF
Direction : 9 Earth Sciences and Environment
Subdirection : 9-140 Seismology
Key word : Seismic hazard, Risk
Description : Goal of society is to create urban environment, protected from destructive earthquakes and minimize losses. Main reason for impossibility of losses completeelimination is deficiency of knowledge about buildings and infrastructure vulnerability. This is a current problem for Georgia. Therefore, it is extremely important to have reliable seismic hazard assessment at national level and risk estimationfor strategic objects of Georgia. In proposed project, seismic risk assessment will be done for Georgian сity-museum – Mtskheta. Existence of multiple cultural heritage monuments, city's lifelines anddestructive earthquake in past (1275), increase interest. Project will contribute to security improvement in region, through implementation of new risk assessment tools, urban planning and emergency management, which later can be used at national and transnational level. The main goal of the project include seismic hazard assessment for Georgia; evaluation of local seismic hazard and risk for Mtskheta and action analysis for its mitigation. The project is organized into four tasks, each including few activities. During project, modern research methods and tools will be used. The brief description of innovative approaches and research methods for each task and alsoexpected challenges and their solutions are given. The results of this project will have lasting impact on seismic securityof Georgia, and southern Caucasus. The results of seismic hazard and risk assessment, seismic microzonation methodology implementation, vulnerability evaluation and limit conditions analysis, will be delivered to scientific community and local end-users. Insurance companies working in Georgia have already expressed interest in this project results.
Duration : 02/12/2016 - up to date
Leader : Nino Tsereteli
Project manager : Giorgi Ghvedashvili 22/01/2009 - 29/02/2012
Project participant(s) : Tamar Gogua 22/01/2009 - up to date Vazha Eremeishvili 23/01/2009 - 01/01/2010
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